Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning in Miami

Both roofing experts and shingle manufacturers recommend against non-professional Miami roof cleaning via pressurized streams of water and cleansers because improper handling (incorrect angles or pressure strength) can cause damage to not only shingles but also to the components underneath. Your roof contains many layers that keep rainfall and other precipitation from entering your home, but water directed incorrectly can find its way in between shingles and then wick into other materials, including your insulation or electrical wiring.

This recommendation does not mean you should never have a professional crew power soft wash roof cleaning in Miami, your roof. Moss, algae, mold, and other microbial populations spray their spores into the air. Once these settle onto your roof, finding their way into the minute depressions covering not only each shingle but also the spaces in between them, microbial colonization and infestation become the next steps in their life cycle.

As these microbes grow, they cause your roof’s structural integrity to degrade rapidly. Moss can end up being several inches thick, and while this does not become a problem most of the time in Miami’s warmer climate, smaller heights can still create a situation that leads to water damage in your home’s interior.

Many homeowners believe removing such infestations with a broom is the best route to a clean roof, but doing so only spreads the microbes down to the ground where your family, guests, and pets can carry it into your home. While a broom is, in effect, a rather large brush, using the household broom can introduce contaminants to your roof that would never have reached it otherwise. Our brushes are cleaned and sanitized in between jobs, and sometimes during jobs, and replaced with new ones on a regular basis. We never use a worn out brush that can introduce foreign materials into your residence or commercial site.

Also, cleaning your home or business’s roof can become your most dangerous chore of the year. Swapping the danger for a safer experience while we use low-pressure water streams to clean your roof with an antimicrobial cleansing agent gently seems a better, and safer, idea. We train our employees so they understand the goal of different angles and pressure amounts. The amount of water flowing through the line also affects how quickly materials rinse clean.

Adding an agent to the slightly sudsy mix means that not only do we kill the mildew, moss, mold, and algae growing above your family home, but it also means that any future spores landing there find it much more difficult to begin growing in the first place. (If mold or other microbes cause you concern in other areas of your property, just let us know and we can treat that area, also.) Our roof cleaning service in Miami, protects your home or business by cleaning the destructive microorganisms away while simultaneously causing their demise. You do not need to worry about your landscaping greenery, however, because the water used travels down through your gutter system.

Call us today for a professional crew that can power wash your building or home’s roof, regardless of the style, slope, or shingle type. We work in and around Miami and can accommodate any schedule.

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