Canopy & Awning Cleaning

Canopy & Awning Cleaning in Miami

While not all businesses have them, those that do use a canopy over their front entrance should do everything possible to keep theirs looking great. We use very low PSI with higher GPM during both the wetting and rinsing stages, so fibers do not stretch, break or fray. Conducted at your location, we can have your awning looking great again in less than a day, dry and fully protected with its sealant reapplied.

After thoroughly wetting your fabric canopy down and sudsing it up with color-safe cleansers, we use very gentle brushes in areas that contain mold, mildew, dirt, grime and other unwanted (and possibly stain-causing) substances. The suds often lift these away from the fibers enough to sufficiently lift all of the filth away, so your awnings rinse cleanly. We give problem areas another round, using a bit stiffer brush if needed, with extra care taken to ensure we find the perfect medium between cleaning and gentleness. Finding such areas is easy because we work in small sections. Working in this manner also keeps the soap from drying before we have a chance to lather up that area of your canopy and then rinse away the suds and grime.

People driving by your business only see the exterior of your awning. Those who enter your building also view the underside of it, so we clean this area, also. Our awning cleaning team often finds nests of both birds and wasps located in the corners underneath canopies, while insects proliferate everywhere within the underside area, particularly inside the seams between fabric panels.

Once cleaned, we allow the awning to air dry. Vinyl awnings can take longer than fabric ones to become fully dry when they are constructed of different layers. Water droplets can remain trapped inside these layers, making premature application of sealants harmful instead of protective. This is why we give awnings of multiple layer construction extra time to dry out before sealing them.

Sealing provides an essential protectant from several harmful influences that awnings are regularly exposed to year-round. Solar power helps us utilize things while keeps power costs low, but awnings can suffer greatly. Not only do they lose their color but they can also slowly disintegrate. Sealing prevents this from happening as quickly as it would without sealants.

Sealed canopies may not become watertight during torrential downpours, but sealed ones repel a greater amount of water than other do, and they also repel dirt and other contaminants from settling into the texture of their surfaces. When dirt particles cannot penetrate in between fibers, or worse, into them, each future cleaning needs to lift away even less soil.

Awnings and canopies constructed of metal sheeting also require regular cleaning sessions. This helps protect their paint, including any logos, from wearing away because of corrosion. Dirt can also render logos with a blah appearance, and sprucing it up with a cleaner appearance can make your whole business seem more inviting to customers. Our awning cleaning service provides these benefits and can help keep emergency maintenance needs under control because our personnel points out potential problems to you long before they become a safety hazard.

Insects also hang their egg sacs and hibernate within the seamed areas of sheet metal awnings, so we ensure that we also provide detailed attention to such areas on the canopy’s underside. We apply appropriate protective barriers, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and in the manner designated. Following directions for both fabric and metal awnings help you retain all rights and guarantees, meaning you stay fully protected.

Before going on your family vacation, cleaning up your RV or camper is a large part of preparing everything your family needs while away from home. Many people enjoy having a canopy to provide shade and an additional area where they can enjoy meals after taking part in different activities around the resort or campground. Our canopy cleaning service washes canvas awnings, as well. Your recreational vehicle in its entirety can look much better when we clean them of the dust and dirt that all too often remains on stored vehicles after pulling them out of storage. A quick wash can remove both debris and insect nests. Vacationing is much more fun when you do not bring along your own wasps nest tucked under the wheel well.

Wherever you have a canopy or awning, we can help prolong its service to you by performing regular washing. We can schedule a year’s worth of canopy cleaning to help keep it looking fantastic while keeping any interruptions to your business operations or family life minimal and short-lived. Advanced scheduling ensures you receive dramatic, long-term results.

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