Pressure Cleaning

Pressure Cleaning Miami

Cleaning with specialized cleansers helps remove grimy dirt, oily residues, and pollutants from exterior surfaces. The cleansers we use to break down these substances so that we can more easily remove them with high-pressured streams of water.

What We Clean when We Pressure Wash the Exterior of Your Business or Dwelling
Some areas of your property might be covered in organic matter instead. This can include moss or microbial infestations such as mold and mildew. These microbes can easily get tracked into your business or home and quickly grow out of control, causing health problems for occupants and property damage inside. Removing them from wherever they exist outside on your property goes a long way toward preventing their ability to invade your interior space.

Our expert team can safely pressure wash any stationary surfaces found outside that consist of durable materials. Concrete, cement, brick, tile, siding of all types, roofing, sidewalks, decorative stone and boulders, and much more can look new again. Your home’s driveway can lose those stains that have been bothering you for years and increase your home’s curbside appeal tremendously. Bricked areas can become moss-free and safe again, just like the day they were laid. We can also use pressurized streams of soapy water to clean your RV, car, or boat. Just ask us! We want to help you clean up your family’s or workplace environment, no matter where or what it involves.

Pressure Cleaning Protects Your Assets in Different Ways
Physical removal of moss, algae, fungi, and other unsightly living additions to your property keeps microbial colonies from becoming problematic situations for you and others in the future, both inside and out. Moss can become quite slippery when wet and easily cause slip and fall hazards to anyone walking over affected areas during or after any amount of rainfall. If an area in your parking lot contains such organic matter, the risk of automobile accidents can increase if cars cannot stop normally.

Protecting the exterior of your property does more than remove any organic matter that can destroy your investment. Deep cleaning by our professional washing crew removes contaminants, dirt, grime, oils, and other substances from tiny cracks and crevices, pores, and grooves found in the materials surrounding your property. When these remain in and on the surfaces of your property, they can become increasingly deeper. Because so many have sharp edges on their exterior surfaces, these particles can make minute spaces much larger, only to hold additional contaminants.

These uneven surfaces easily collect airborne particles from all over Miami and cleaning them by hand, especially in difficult to reach locations, can prove tiresome and extremely time-consuming. Removing them with gentle but highly effective grease-dissolving cleansers and water by our staff takes much less time and provides the results we know you want to achieve. Our service eliminates the need for you or someone in your family or on your payroll from climbing ladders and performing the work.

Pressurized jets of water also remove larger items, such as leaves and sticks from your roof and the interior portion of your gutters. These items have a habit of working their way into small spots and leaving openings large enough for pests to enter. Removing them keeps the probability low for such infestations to occur. Gutters that become blocked can create water damage to your building’s interior when rainwater overflows and hits vertical surfaces instead of draining away properly.

Helping Us Help You and Your Property
Before our arrival, please remove all breakable items, including potted plants near or below the area we intend to pressure wash. Our friendly staff removes anything overlooked, of course, but having the majority of items out of the way means your residence or place of business comes clean as quickly as possible. We wet plants and other living landscaping down both before and after we perform the cleaning, to protect them from any negative chemical effects. While these are unlikely to produce long-term harm to vegetation, we like to perform this extra precaution just to ensure that any damage stays minimal.

Uncovering Existing Damage
At times, when weathering or other elemental damage affects your business’s or home’s exterior, particularly where painted areas or stained wood receives substantial amounts of rain and sun, deterioration can lead to damage that you may not have known about previously. Flaking paint and wood rot can become much more apparent after power washing takes place.

If we see that painted surfaces or other areas reveal previously hidden damage during our cleaning services, we stop and discuss the matter with the property owner. Some prefer we continue, especially in the case of peeling and flaking paint, as these areas can easily receive a new coat of paint, while others prefer we avoid such areas.

While it may seem counter-productive to power wash a building or home with deterioration problems, doing so can reveal these areas so you can attend to them and stop the damage from worsening. However you wish for us to proceed after such a discovery, we always follow our customers’ directives and complete the rest of the work desired.

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