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Call us today for a professional crew that can power wash your building or home’s roof, regardless of the style, slope, or shingle type. We work in and around Miami and can accommodate any schedule.

About Pressure Cleaning in Miami Headline

We are a professional pressure cleaning company in Miami, Florida, experienced in safely and effectively restoring a clean and beautiful surface to both residential and commercial properties. We train our employees in safe techniques, so they properly clean your home or building without undue risk to themselves or others. Power washing equipment can cause injury to those using the equipment or others nearby. Because of this risk, many property owners prefer to leave such work to experts trained and experienced in its use. In untrained and inexperienced hands, pressure washing equipment can damage certain aspects of a building while leaving it seemingly clean. We know how to eliminate this risk through proper methods and utilization of the industry’s different equipment types. Let our experience benefit you and your property!

Discussing the customers’ needs before starting helps us understand exactly what they want to be accomplished, as well as explaining other facets that they may not be aware of in regards to their property. Cleaning only the windows when the gutters hold overhanging sticks and clumps of leaves or the parking lot sports oil stains only highlights the untouched and still-dirty areas once we finish. We know you want passers-by to see everything clean and bright, not half-done and lacking here and there. We want to leave your place looking perfectly clean, from top to bottom. We serve Miami property owners and those in the surrounding areas, as well.

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