Driveway Cleaning

Cleaning Driveways, Walkways, Exterior Steps and Other Hard, Durable Surfaces 

Driveways and parking lots easily become the dirtiest-looking part of any home or building, and the most quickly, too. Residents in Miami who want to hold a garage sale over a long holiday weekend rake in better sales when their driveway and other exterior areas sparkle than when stained areas peek out from under tables and boxes of offered items. Automotive fluids are not the only culprits that can make your drive look like a disaster area. Driveway cleaning makes your home’s entrance look much better, and can often make it possible for kids to use it as a play area that before seemed off-limits.

Gum from teens and children left on concrete areas often flatten out from the sun’s heat and then blacken as these discarded treats absorb soil and grime. Eventually, they harden and become very difficult to remove. We use effective techniques to rid your concrete areas of these blemishes. Washed away, many homeowners are surprised at the dramatic difference between before and after cleaning takes place. These can occur anywhere, including on steps, walkways, and patios. Wherever we find them, we eliminate them.

Paved walkways, as well as those of brick and stone, can become covered in debris, moss, bird droppings, and other unsightly accumulations. Mud that splashes up during heavy rainfall and then dries can also take away from the attractiveness of your residence.

Walled areas, although vertical instead of horizontal, can still collect pollutants and other things, much like the exterior walls of your home do, as both are exposed to the elements. Rain deposits both chemicals and microorganisms on everything it covers. When these areas provide suitable environmental protection, microbial populations soon overgrow and quickly become noticeable ugly areas that can damage plaster, infest plants, and find its way into your home, garage, and vehicles.

Walls can also become havens for moss and other living things, including unwanted trees just beginning to grow. Pressurized streams of water can wash these away before their roots can bust open larger holes. Pests, of both mammalian and insect varieties, can harbor themselves in safety within crevices and cracks that only become bigger. After we clean them away, repairs can take place that, because of the ability of new materials to bond to older ones, last longer than what they otherwise would.

Steps and ramps on your property can become safety hazards quickly when they gather too much dirt and blown-in debris like leaves, garbage and other things people can trip over or slip on, which can become extremely problematic while carrying things or during walks after dusk. Cleaning these increases the safety of your home for both you and guests, and helps complete the fresh look you want all summer long.

Areas made from stone or brick often collect debris in between them, and this can wash out repeatedly whenever rain occurs. Cleaning these areas out significantly eliminates the amount of dirt found afterward, and keeps patios and other areas, as well as the floors near doors in your home, from becoming splattered with muddy footprints after every rain shower. Children playing outside on your patio after we clean it also reap the rewards inherent in cleaner environments. Their clothing and toys stay cleaner, and their exposure to possibly harmful bacteria significantly decreases.

Patio doors can also shine after we remove any dustiness that collected. We also perform window washing services so you do not need to worry that your glass doors and larger windows panes might pose a problem for us. Our equipment also removes non-stinging insects, as well as their nests, eggs, and any other evidence of their infestations. Stinging insects, when present, creates a risk until professional pest removal experts eliminate them from your residence. If you like, we can refer you to a trusted professional who is licensed in the state of Florida to perform the needed work before we begin. Most of the time, stinging insects nesting near or on homes are wasps, which often make their presence known by swooping down and harassing anyone who comes too close to their nest. Eliminating them makes things safe for both our workers and your family.

Many non-stinging insects, like termites, love moist wood, and ants cannot survive long without a constant source of moisture nearby, either. Washing away the moss or other debris on your property helps reduce the number of hospitable locations these pests find when invading your property to search for their next nesting grounds.

Driveway cleaning revitalizes your drive and keeps corrosive chemicals from eating way at your concrete. It also makes things much more safe for everyone who might walk across it, play on or around it and ensures that regardless of what activity you would like to use it for, that using it does not make you cringe at the thought of black greasy stains transferring to your shoes and then to your carpeting. Our services provide countless benefits that last, including making your home healthier both inside and out.

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